Once Upon a One More Time – World Premiere in DC

In this highly anticipated world premiere of the Broadway-bound musical, beloved classic fairytale princesses gather for their fortnightly book club, longing for a new story. When a rogue fairy godmother drops The Feminine Mystique into their corseted laps, it spurs a royal revelation: there is more to life than bird-made dresses and true love’s kiss! Powered byContinue reading “Once Upon a One More Time – World Premiere in DC”

Web series: This is B.S.

Ashley is taking part in This is B.S. an 8-part web series chronicling the ups and downs of a life in the theater…well, in-the-middle-of-nowhere-non-union-summer-stock theater. Ted, the eccentric artistic director of The Bristle Shores Playhouse, welcomes a documentary crew for the summer season, hungry to grow his audience. From the initial auditions through a tumultuous rehearsal processContinue reading “Web series: This is B.S.”